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Social Networking for Businesses: Instagram

Are you curious to how Instagram can help you with social media marketing for your business? Let us first explain what exactly Instagram is. This social media platform allows users to take photos and video with a mobile phone, store it on the site and then share it with others. As…


5 reasons why Social Media isn’t working for your business.

A recent survey states that 39% of small businesses are now seeing a return on investment from their social media use and online marketing solutions. Despite this percentage of success for some businesses, the other 61% of businesses have not seen any return on their investment for their social media usage! If your business is in…


Using Social Media Marketing for Business: Make the Best of your Pins

Pinterest is an ever-changing platform but businesses are using this platform everyday because of one reason, their customers are on it! And not only this but they are directly BUYING from it! If your company is not on Pinterest then you are missing out on tons of benefits, including targeted…


Looking for qualified Social Media Marketing Agencies?

We all know by now every business is on Facebook & Twitter but the problem many small businesses are facing is they are not using these tools effectively for their business. When you brainstorm marketing ideas for small businesses it is crucial to be thinking “outside the box” so your…

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How Pinterest Group Boards can Help your Business

Have you heard of Pinterest Group Boards and how they can help your marketing? Each Pinterest Group Board is first created by one Pinterest Pinner and then that pinner invites all of their followers to join their Group Board. Non-follwers can also join, by asking the creator of the group…

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