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Email Marketing: Setting up your business’s strategy

Email marketing is perhaps one of the best ways to directly communicate with your audience. It allows you to send custom messages to your audience – no matter how big – in a matter of minutes. But if you’re like many businesses, you may not have considered email for your…


“Buy” feature coming to Facebook

Getting customers to purchase online might be getting a whole lot easier – and your business’s social media is going to be the key. This week, Facebook announced a major addition that could change the landscape of online purchases. The largest social media platform in the world is now taking…


Facebook’s new Right Column Ads

Your Facebook advertisements just became a lot more visible. Facebook recently announced they will be modifying the Right Column Ads on pages, making them appear much larger than the previous Right Column Ad format. According to Facebook, Right Column Ads will now be 2.5 times larger than the previous format….


The best time to post on social media

“When is the perfect time to post on social media?” There are hundreds of opinions on the best times to post on social media – so which one is right? According to this Fannit.com infographic, there’s a “best” time to post for each major social media platform. Here they are…


Improve your business’s Twitter presence

Signing up for any social media account doesn’t automatically guarantee success – you have to have a strategy. This is especially true for Twitter, which boasts an audience of 255 million active monthly users. While this is a huge potential audience for your business, it also means it takes time and effort to…

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