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Think Social: Tips for Cyber Monday


With Halloween behind us and the calendar now flipped to November, the Holiday Season is here.

And what does that mean? The Holiday Shopping Season has already begun.

Although most businesses might be looking ahead to Black Friday, don’t leave out an even more important day: Cyber Monday.

Here’s a fun fact: last year’s Cyber Monday became the single largest day ever for US online retailers as Americans spent $1.74 billion.

Just how big was last year’s Cyber Monday? To compare, last year’s Black Friday – typically regarded as the largest shopping day of the year – only brought in $1.198 billion.

To reiterate: Cyber Monday shopping outpaced Black Friday in 2013 by more than half a billion dollars.

If this trend continues, Cyber Monday could be the single most important day of the year for many retailers – especially if you’re online.

So how can you ensure your business is ready for Cyber Monday? Here are a few tips to get you started —


Facebook is much more than just a social tool for many businesses.

It’s also a great marketing and advertising tool.

Facebook can play a big part for your Cyber Monday marketing with Promoted Posts.

Out of all of the social media platforms, Facebook is by far the largest referrer of traffic. And it isn’t that Facebook is just directing people to your website – it’s converting them into customers, too.

One way of ensuring people are finding your brand is by using Promoted Posts.

Set your budget – either daily or lifetime – and create a targeted audience based on users’ interests, online behaviors, and more.


cyber-monday-shopping-cartConsider starting a Hashtag Campaign on Twitter.

Hashtag Campaigns can be an effective way to get your audience talking about your deals and specials leading up to Cyber Monday.

Do a little research come up with a Hashtag to use in the next few weeks leading up to Cyber Monday or throughout the Holiday Season.

Once you have a Hashtag picked out, stick with it and encourage your audience to use it when picking out gift ideas, making purchases, or any other creative ways you can think of.


This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned Pinterest for your Holiday Marketing, and we’re not going to leave it out this time around, either.

Pinterest can be a very strong option for many businesses, especially retailers.

But you have to make sure you’re sending out your pins the right way.

Pins are meant to be shared with an accompanying photo, so it’s a great way of getting your products noticed. Not only are you posting pictures of your product, but you can link back to your online store with every pin you send out without coming off as spammy.

And Pinterest users? 47 percent of US online shoppers reported they bought something online – all because of a Pinterest recommendation.

Bonus Statistic: 94 percent of Pinterest activity comes from women. So if your target demographic is women – you’re in pretty good shape.

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Jared Groff is a Social Media Coordinator at Entrepreneur Marketing. He enjoys finding the latest social media news and trends to keep businesses front-and-center in the social media landscape.

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