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local awareness ads

Engage Locally with Local Awareness Ads

Local business owners – have you ever heard of Facebook’s Local Awareness Ads? They look very similar to the other ad campaigns you have been using to grow your business on Facebook, except their objective is a little different. Instead of accumulating Facebook likes or driving users to your business’ online website,…

instant articles

Facebook Introduces Instant Articles

Instant is a word that we have become very accustomed to with the invention of technology. And, now, even more so with the invention of social media platforms like Facebook. Yesterday, Facebook announced its new service: Instant Articles. The benefits of this new service is right there in its name…

boosted vs promoted

Boosted Posts vs. Promoted Posts

You’re a small business owner looking to grow your business on Facebook. Great choice! With over 1.44 billion active users on Facebook, your future customers are just a click away. But, you also have a tight budget. When Facebook limited the organic reach capability for businesses, they really limited the…

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