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linkedin for business

How To: Use LinkedIn For Business

As a small business owner, it is crucial that you spend careful time branding and marketing your business so that you can generate sales and build new business relationships. Let LinkedIn do some of that work for you! Most business owners tend to shy away from using LinkedIn – whether…

twitter auto expanding images

Show It With Twitter’s New Auto-Expanding Images

Twitter is notorious for their 140 character limit for all tweets sent by users. If you use Twitter to promote your business, you know how challenging it can be to say what you want in just under 140 characters. But that limit becomes even more restrictive when you want to…

facebook native video

Using Facebook’s Native Video to Engage

Take your social media marketing strategy to the next level by gaining a competitive advantage over other businesses! Everyone already uses images to showcase their brand’s specific products, services, events, information, etc. While pictures are proven to increase engagement between a business and their audience, imagine the possibilities of marketing…

bigger instagram photos

Instagram Is Getting Bigger & Bolder

Open up your eyes to a brighter, more visually-engaging Instagram experience! Instagram recently announced that they are changing their image resolution requirements. Since its beginning, the pixel resolution for images has remained stagnant at 640 x 640. But now, users will begin to see an increase in quality! 1080 x 1080 is the new…

ad tools

Discover 5 Facebook Tools to Help Manage Your Ads

Sometimes it’s nice to have an additional hand to help handle your business’ advertising to ensure that your campaigns are successful and effective. Facebook is here to guide you – and you don’t even have to communicate with a real person. These 5 advertising tools will change the way you advertise…

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