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different platforms

Different Social Media Platforms, Different Goals

What is the most popular platform for news? What is the most popular platform for visually engaging images? What is the most popular platform for sharing information? If you want to get the most engagement with your posts, you need to make sure that you are posting certain messages on…

facebook ads2

Facebook Ads: Transforming the Old into the New

Have you had success with your Facebook ads in the past? The trick to successful Facebook marketing is not necessarily constantly creating new content, but, also, taking previous ads and transforming them to a new level. This approach to Facebook marketing will only work if you have taken the necessary…

content creation

Content Is Key

A successful social media marketing strategy is primarily linked with content creation. How effective is your message? Are you using the appropriate keywords? Who are you talking to? All of these questions – and more – are crucial in developing the appropriate content to reflect your online brand. Anyone can simply…


Get To Know Your Competition

What is the most effective and telling way to track how successful your social media marketing strategy is? By constantly reviewing your analytics across the different platforms that you use and comparing them to past data. But that isn’t the only way that you can see how you are performing on…

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