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Content Is Key

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A successful social media marketing strategy is primarily linked with content creation. How effective is your message? Are you using the appropriate keywords? Who are you talking to?

All of these questions – and more – are crucial in developing the appropriate content to reflect your online brand. Anyone can simply create content; it is ensuring that your content not only lives up to your brand’s reputation, but also speaks to your target audience, that will help you stand out from your competition.

Effective content creation not only resonates with your audience, it compels them to engage with your call-to-action (likes, share, repost, shop) and also connects with them in a meaningful way so they want to permanently follow you to see future posts.

What does it take to successfully create content? These 3 tips are the foundation that will send you into an engaging online presence that will rapidly grow your brand.

#1. Post Appealing Content With A Purpose

Every business has a target audience of individuals who are more likely to connect, engage, and buy from them. When you post content, make sure that you are talking directly to them.

Posting content that is both relevant and interesting to this audience will help get and keep them engaged. But make sure that every post has a purpose. Most businesses wrongly assume that this purpose always has to be linked to obtaining sales, but that isn’t always the case. It is just as important to include posts that encourage sharing and interaction as well.

Keep these 3 tips in mind when developing content for your audience:

  • Know your audience so that you can adapt the correct tone.
  • Balance sales posts with audience-focused posts.
  • Always include an objective in your posts, as well as all necessary images/links.
  • Post up-to-date content that is meaningful to your audience’s interests.

#2. Get Your Content To The Right People

Once you develop great content, the next important step is to make sure that content is reaching the right people. Some businesses assume that getting your posts out there to everyone is a good marketing strategy, but that will quickly become a waste of your budget.

Instead, switch the focus of quantity of followers to quality of followers. For example, for Facebook, there are ways you can use location, demographics, and interests to successfully find a follower base specific to your business.

#3. Use Analytics For Future Content Creation

Analytics across all of your social media platforms are your marketing best friends. If your content is seeing a lot of engagement with your followers and producing leads to your business or online website, you know that what you are doing is effective. If you notice a small amount of engagement – or perhaps no engagement at all – then it requires you to go back and tweak your strategy.

Collect data from each post and compare and contrast it to other posts. The posts with the most engagement are the types of posts that you should begin using more often. What content or images did you use in these posts? What was your message? This is valuable information for the future!

The key to your social media marketing success begins with your content. The key to effective content creation with your business in mind is our specialty! Contact us today to book a Free Consultation with our team.

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Jessica Reynolds is a Social Media Coordinator at Entrepreneur Marketing. She loves creating content and finding new trends to help people share, communicate, and – more importantly – connect with one another over social media.

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