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Facebook Ads: Transforming the Old into the New

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Have you had success with your Facebook ads in the past?

The trick to successful Facebook marketing is not necessarily constantly creating new content, but, also, taking previous ads and transforming them to a new level.

This approach to Facebook marketing will only work if you have taken the necessary amount of time to build your target audience (understanding the demographics of your social media consumer) and have put an adequate amount of time into creating content, building ads (and serving them to the right people), and measuring your analytics, comparing and contrasting the various ads you’ve run.

If you have already built this online reputation for your brand, you can use successful ads you have already run to inspire new, similar content that you know appeals to your target demographic.

Use these 4 tips for transforming old ads into new ones:

#1. Discover Your Best Ads

In Facebook’s Power Editor, you can see which ads are better received by your audience by measuring which content received the most interactions. This, of course, is dependent upon which goal you had in mind for your ad: impressions, likes, clicks-to-website, etc.

This information is very valuable, but you can delve deeper. Installing the Facebook pixel onto your online website allows you to track what people do once they get to your website from Facebook. Are they looking at a certain page? Are they adding items to their carts? Are they filling out a form?

One type of ad may be better at getting them to your website, whereas one type of ad may be more effective at getting them to take action (registering for an event, making a purchase, etc.). Once you can track this information for each ad, you can use that information to inspire new, similar ads.

#2. Refresh Content

Even the most successful ads will start to bore your audience if they are overused. What images and keywords inspire the most engagement from your target audience? Note that and use similar images and content when you are creating new ads.

You can even try out multiple ads. Perhaps one uses a different color scheme or a more obvious call-to-action. Do a split-test of these ads, then take the best attributes from each and combine them for future ads.

#3. Get The Most From Your Ads

Perhaps there are multiple images that strike the interest of your target demographic. Facebook’s Carousel Ads would be a perfect way to get the most of your budget!

Choose the most engaging images, combine them all into one ad with a powerful message, and increase the results of your ad!

#4. Instagram Ads

Seeing great results on Facebook? Try Instagram Ads! Facebook has made it easy to use the ads you create through Power Editor on Instagram as well.

Keep in mind: Visuals are more powerful on Instagram, so make sure that you are using attention-grabbing images that are both crisp and relevant. Also, because Instagram’s users mostly access their accounts via smartphones, it is crucial to make sure that the page you are linking them back to is mobile-friendly.

It’s not out with the old, in with the new – rather, we believe in transforming the old into the new! You have already put in the work and know what is effective with your audience, so why not use that to inspire ads of similar but more refreshed content?

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Jessica Reynolds is a Social Media Coordinator at Entrepreneur Marketing. She loves creating content and finding new trends to help people share, communicate, and – more importantly – connect with one another over social media.

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