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pinterest local business

Make Connections Locally Using Pinterest

Did you know that you can use Pinterest to connect with people locally and increase foot traffic to your store? When people use Pinterest, they are primarily interested in either discovering information to utilize in their day-to-day lives (cooking recipes, DIY projects, etc.) or to shop. One of the benefits…

instagram ads2

New Tools For Effective Instagram Marketing

Do you already advertise on Instagram? These new, enhanced features will help you take your marketing strategy to the next level! Are you new to Instagram marketing? Learn more about these tools so that you can quickly grow your brand to the same level as your competition! More and more businesses…

lead ads

New: Facebook Lead Ads

People love what is easy for them. This is no secret – especially in the world of technology and social media. When you make something easy for people do to, it increases the number of people who will follow through with it. This has been the challenge for many advertisers…

warning signs

3 Warning Signs of an Unsuccessful Marketing Strategy

Finding the right marketing strategy for your social media pages is not a black and white process. Some small businesses don’t do enough on social media, while other small businesses do too much. Has your social media marketing strategy been effective for your company? If you can’t answer that with certainty,…

fb reactions

Use Facebook Reactions In Your Marketing

Simply “liking” Facebook posts is a thing of the past. Have you seen Facebook’s new feature update: Facebook Reactions? Now, users can either “like” a post or they can “react” to it by using emoji icons that represent feelings such as love, happiness, surprise, sadness, or anger. How can you…

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