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email marketing

4 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Are you reaching as many potential customers as you can? Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are monumental in promoting your products/services. These platforms have made it possible to reach a number of people that, before them, would have never been introduced to your brand. But there…

fb shop

A New Way to Shop on Facebook

Is it possible to make shopping even easier on Facebook? The answer is: yes! Now, users can shop your products without ever having to leave Facebook! All you have to do is add a Shop section to your page. Not only will users be able to browse all of the…


4 Social Media “Rules” to Follow

We all make mistakes. That is undeniable. But, while we need to accept that mistakes are inevitable, that does not mean that we should not try everything in our power to avoid making them. Especially on social media, where a growing number of people are active every single day. Your…

instagram algorithm

Instagram’s New Algorithm & How To Stand Out

Have you heard the new topic of conversation in social media that has advertisers worried about their Instagram pages? Instagram recently announced that they are working on releasing a special algorithm that will roll out over the next few months that could impact the way that users see brands they…

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