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Why More Content Doesn’t Equal More Engagement

Traditional marketing has long since been challenged by the success of content marketing – and what is often referred to as inbound marketing. Instead of putting all effort into the pursuit of your customers, inbound marketing stresses the importance of letting customers find their way to you. As brands started…


He Said, She Said – Using Testimonials In Your Marketing

If users are engaging with your business online, chances are there will be times that they are going to voice their opinions about the impression your company left on them. We hope that the majority of these occasions are filled with positivity and praise, however, there will be a few…

instagram profile

Make Your Instagram Account More Follower-Friendly

Want to know the secret that every business uses to gain more followers on Instagram? Of course you do! Unfortunately, it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” marketing strategy. However, that actually works to your advantage. Our secret: Build an Instagram profile that will keep users coming back for more! Sounds straightforward enough, right?…


Why Blogging Is Good For Business

Blogging is another tool that, when used effectively, can really enhance your overall social media marketing strategy. If you are currently active on social media, you know that most platforms require that you strategically use a lesser amount of content in order to engage customers. This “less is more” concept…

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