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3 Tips to Grow Your Pinterest and Gain More Interaction

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We love Pinterest, but so does everyone else, which is why sometimes it can be hard to gain visibility and interaction on the popular platform. Once you learn how to use Pinterest to get more eyes on your business or products, the results can be fantastic. It’s a great platform for driving sales. But you’ve got to know how to do it! Try utilizing these 3 tips in the future to help grow your Pinterest account.

1. Don’t forget about Alt Text on Pinnable Images

You should be using alt tags on all of your images, but it’s especially important if the image has any possibility of being pinned! Why is this?

The alt text is what will show up as the title of the pin on Pinterest.

So be sure that it’s something interesting, eye-catching, and contains the appropriate keywords. Don’t just leave the image alt tag-less, or with boring text like “organization.”

Which would you be more likely to click on Pinterest?

Imagine image showing under cabinet organization in the bathroom with the title “Organization.” Okay, now imagine that same image, but titled “5 Easy Organization Ideas for the Bathroom.”

Which one sounds more appealing? I’m willing to bet that you’d click on the 2nd image. I’m also willing to be that the 2nd image comes up more often in Pinterest results because it contains more relevant keywords!

2. Show Your Best Board and Best Pins First

Did you know that you can reorganize the order that your Pinterest boards show on your profile? Make sure that you’ve got accurate titles for each of your Pinterest boards and display your most popular ones first!

People have the option to either follow you or your board.

You might have 5,000 followers on Pinterest, but 50% of them could be following just one board! Figure out what that board is, display it prominently on your profile, and take advantage of it.

You can also reorganize which Pins are displaying on the board’s cover image. Show the most eye-catching and popular Pins on the cover to help attract even more attention.

3. Crowdsource Pins from Instagram

Instagram drives in engagement, but Pinterest drives sales, so use that to you advantage by hosting a contest on Instagram. Ask your followers to share images of them using your products (or whatever you need more images of to share on Pinterest) and use a relevant hashtag so you can track the entrants.

Contests will encourage users to share pictures of your products that you can later share on Pinterest as Buyable Pins.

Pro Tip: Look for images that are vertical as taller images perform better on Pinterest!

A pretty simple way of creating new content, right? Just be sure you get users’ permission before sharing their photos though!

Now take these tips, and amp up your Pinterest account!

Which tip will you be implementing first?

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