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Find More Customers with Instagram Lead Ads


Do you run ads on Instagram? With Instagram being owned by Facebook it makes advertising on the platform super-simple if you’re already familiar with Facebook ads. And if you’re not familiar, we’ll walk you through the process!

Facebook makes setting up an ad easy with straightforward objectives, from brand awareness to conversions. One of the objectives you can choose is a Lead Generation, which can be used on both Facebook and Instagram ads.

What is a Lead Generation Ad?

A lead generation ad is an ad in which users click and a form pops up right there on Facebook! How convenient?! Here you can give a quick description of what the prospect is signing up for and ask a few questions to get more info. The forms will also auto-populate with info that users have shared with Facebook previously, making it even easier for them to sign up!

Pretty neat, right? Alright… so how do we do it?

1. Choosing the ad type

As we mentioned above, there are a variety of different marketing objectives you can choose from. To create a lead generation ad choose Lead Generation from the Consideration column.

2. Create your audience

The first major step in creating your ad is defining the audience. You have a plethora of option here, but what we recommend is choosing a lookalike audience.

  • You can build your lookalike audience from an existing email list, you can either choose a file, copy and paste info, or import directly from MailChimp!
  • There’s also the option to create a lookalike audience based on previous ad results if you already have the Facebook pixel on your website and had tracked conversions in the past.

There are other ways to build a lookalike audience, but these two will be the most helpful while running this type of ad on Instagram.

3. Choose where customers will see your ad

In the Placements section you can choose where customers will see your ad. By choosing Automatic placements your ad will be shown on both Facebook and Instagram. If you strictly want to create a specific ad for Instagram, you can select Edit placements and select only Instagram.

4. Edit bidding

First, make sure that your ad delivery optimization is set to Leads. You’ll also have the option here to select your bid amount, but we recommend leaving this alone and let Facebook do the work for you!

5. Select the ad format, choose images, and add text

Here’s where you finally start creating the ad! You can choose from a single image, carousel, or video. What do we recommend? You get a better bang for your buck with carousel ads!

With carousel ads you can choose multiple photos to showcase your product or service, giving people even more reasons to click!

6. Design your form

Finally, what you’ve been waiting for: the form.

First, let’s talk about the context card. The context card shows up after clicking the ad and before filling out their info. This is a place where you can give users more information. Why should they fill out that form? You can either choose to use paragraphs or bullet points to lay your info out.

Now it’s time for the questions. The key here: limit the number of questions. Asking for too much info can deter people from filling out any form! Gather only the info that you absolutely need. If it’s possible, use multiple choice questions rather than open-ended.

Add your privacy policy. When creating a form it’s essential to include a link to your privacy policy, which should hopefully already be up on your site!

And last but not least, include a link to your website that users can visit after submitting their form!

What do you think? Will you be using Instagram for creating leads?!

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