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Easy Ways Increase Your Reach on Facebook


So you’ve got 4,000 followers on Facebook, but your posts are only reaching 200 people. What the heck is going on?! On average, most pages’ organic reach is only about 2-6% of their number of page likes. So your reach of 200, is actually pretty average. And having a large following doesn’t mean much anymore. In fact, the more likes your page has, the lower the percentage of your followers you’ll actually reach! Sounds pretty unfair, huh?

So what can we do to increase your reach on Facebook?

Optimize your posts to get more shares.

Sharable content is what you should be aiming for with the majority of your Facebook posts. Shares get your content out in front of every more eyes without you paying a dime!

Your posts need to make people stop scrolling, and think “OMG, everyone needs to see this!!”

Think entertaining, funny, or inspiring—something that will brighten someone’s day!

Pro Tip: Videos are an amazing tool, for gaining shares. Try creating your own videos and uploading them directly to Facebook (not to YouTube and sharing on Facebook). And Facebook live videos? Even better!

Engage with those engaging with you!

Make sure you spend a little time responding to people that comment on your posts. This lets people know that you’re listening (even if it’s their comment isn’t about an important issue). By responding to comment you’re also likely to receive a comment back from the person which can lead Facebook showing your post to even more people!

Make sure your post is doing well organically before promoting it.

The better your post does organically, the better bang for your buck you’ll get when you promote it. So send your post out and then give it time to start gaining traction!

Are people reacting to it? How many link clicks are you getting? Are you getting comments?

All of those things mean that it’s a great idea to spend money promoting the post!

Try using some of these tips to increase your reach & engagement.

Use a variety of content.

Although videos are awesome for generating shares, not everyone has the time to watch a video. Make sure you’re using a mix of posts on your Facebook page: images, links, text. By using a variety of content you’ll attract a variety of people!

Reuse content that performed well in the past.

Don’t be afraid to reuse old content! Chances are, many of your followers never saw it the first time around so you’ll get a chance to get their attention this time around.

Optimize your audience for each post.

So many people don’t realize that you can choose a target audience for each post! This feature is similar to the targeting that you’ll see when creating an ad on Facebook, but with a few less options.

When you’re writing a post on your Facebook page look to where you see the camera, smiley face, and location icons and you should see one for targeting as well. Click on that and you’ll be able to select a preferred audience as well as audience restrictions.

Posting something that will resonate more with women? Choose that option in your audience restrictions. Sharing an article about a new Apple product? Select that in preferred audience interests.

If you don’t have the targeting option, take a look at this article to see how to turn it on and use it.

Tag other businesses in your post (when appropriate).

If you’re partnering up with another business or hosting an event at another location, take the respective Facebook page in your post! Why? When you tag another page the post will show up on their page as well and reach their followers.

Test things out to find what your audience responds to.

Length: Vary the length of the text in your posts. While many people tend to gravitate towards shorter posts, others prefer longer, more descriptive text.

Time: Every audience is different when it comes to timing. While many companies claim there to be certain times that are best post on Facebook, there’s no one-time-fits-all answer. So test it out, post at different times throughout the day to see when you get a higher reach or interaction.

So test it out and use these tips to find what works for you and get your Facebook page working for you!

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