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What are Facebook Messenger Ads? And How to Use Them


If you’ve ever set up an ad on your Facebook page before you’ve probably noticed that there are so many different ad types. Right? Every ad type depends on your objective, which make things a little more helpful creating your ad. When you choose either the Traffic or Conversions objective, you’ll have the option to use Facebook Messenger ads.

There are 2 types of Facebook Messenger Ads

  1. Directing people to Facebook Messenger
  2. Using Facebook Messenger for ad placement, aka Sponsored Ads

To start, let’s focus on the first:

Facebook Ad with Messenger Destination

This type of ad shows up in a user’s news feed just like any other ad would. The difference? The call to action button. The CTA button will say “Send Message” and when users click it, a Messenger conversation with your business will pop up for them!

How do you do it? To create this type of ad, click the Traffic or Conversions objective and create your ad as usual. When you get to the Page & Links section chooses Messenger as your destination.

You can target anyone you choose, but what will be your best bet?

Use Facebook Retargeting with Messenger Destination

Why should you use Facebook retargeting for Messenger ads? Because it opens up an opportunity for potential customers to reach out to you about questions or problems they may have that are keeping them from becoming a customer!

You can target people who made it to your checkout page, but just didn’t purchase. Or you can choose people that browsed your website for a while, but didn’t take action. It’s up to you!

If you haven’t used Facebook for retargeting before, here’s how to do it.

Once you give people a place to talk to you and ask questions you’ll be amazed with what happens!

Facebook Messenger Ad Placements

Also known as “Sponsored Messages.” These type of ads a unique, they don’t show up in users newsfeeds. Instead, these ads show up in Messenger and look just like any other Facebook Message would appear.

But here’s the limitation to this one: You can only send sponsored messages to people who have previously had a conversation over Messenger with your page.

Assuming you’ve been getting lots of messages in the past and have enough people to target… How do you create this type of ad? This option is available in the Traffic or Conversions objective. When you choose your audience you must create a new custom audience consisting of people who have messaged your page. After you create your audience when you get to Placement you’ll have the option to select Messenger.

When you design your ad you’ll be able to use text, 1 photo, and 1 link.

Did you know that these 2 options existed? Will you be using either of them?

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