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How to Gain More Readers on Your Business’s Blog


As an entrepreneur with a website, no matter how big or small your business is, you’ve probably been advised to start a blog. And while a blog can be a valuable asset, it’s not doing you any good if no one is reading it, right? At that point it starts to feel like wasted time, and as any business owner knows, time is valuable!

So the question becomes, “how can I get more people reading my blog?”

We wish that the answer was simple, but it takes time and effort to build up an audience of readers. If you’re ready to take on that challenge and make your blog actually work for you, take a look at these tips on how to gain more readers on your blog.

Utilize your community

Do you have an engaged community of customers? (Either on social media or in-person.) Take advantage of this!

Build relationships with your customers, talk to them, learn what type of content would interest them. Better yet, encourage users to write blogs for you! Do a weekly or monthly “customer spotlight.” This will a.) help your customers and blog readers feel they matter, and b.) help you discover what type of content they enjoy! If they’re interested enough to write about it, they’ll probably enjoy reading it too!

Give your blog readers access to the experts

Is your company and expert in your field? Do you have certain team members that seem to know it all, but typically stay behind the scenes, away from your digital presence?

Give your customers access to these people—don’t just reference them. Bring their voice into the company blog!

  • Ask them to write a blog on a certain topic they’re knowledgeable about.
  • Start an “Ask the Expert” segment. Use FAQ’s or ask your social media followers for questions. Once you gather up questions, have your “expert” team member answer them on the blog.

Remember, quality over quantity

This is something that you’ve probably heard before, but it cannot be stressed enough!

It’s better to have 1 blog per week that’s bringing in dozens or (hopefully) hundreds of new readers than 7 per week that are only attracting a couple visitors. So what should you be doing? Paying attention to your analytics!

  • Which blog posts are people gravitating towards?
  • Which blogs haven’t been performing so well?
  • Do you see a trend in those topics that attract more readers?

We need to focus on the quality of the content before we start pushing out too many posts that our readers find uninteresting.

“Quality over quantity. Quality over quantity. Quality over quantity.” Got it? OK! Moving on…

Do a guest blog exchange

If you have friends in high places… as in, a friend with an industry-related blog, preferably one with more traffic than your own blog? Then plan to exchange blog posts. Provide them with a well-written post on a certain topic that they can share on their website, in exchange for the same from them.

You’ll both gain access to new readers and develop a more diverse blog—it’s a win-win!

Which one of these tips will you be implementing on your blog first?

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