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Increase Facebook Engagement With These No-Fail Tips


Easiest thing in the world: share a Facebook post that fails. Getting no engagement on a Facebook post, especially the ones we thought would do great, is always a letdown. So how can we consistently increase engagement on our Facebook pages?

Take a look at these proven methods to get that engagement up!

Include a question

Asking a question is one surefire way to gain more comments. You’re directly telling them how to interact with you.

Try using fill in the blank questions. Questions about topics in the news (try not to make it too controversial though). Ask questions about your products or services. Share a blog post and ask for opinions.True or false questions. Would you rather questions.

Really any type of question that you can think of! Fun questions are always more interesting, but serious questions have their place with the right audience.

Give a call to action

Similar to asking a question, you’re giving users a direct instruction to follow. “Leave a comment below and let us know…” or “Click the link to see…”

The one thing we’d suggest you avoid is asking users to like a post.

Use more images

People like images! Images and video receive more interaction on Facebook than plain text posts or links. If you’re sharing a tip, info about a sale, or news be sure to include an image if you want to attract attention and increase interaction.

Don’t share links without context

Always share a little bit about what you’re linking to, add a short story or small quote from the post. Without something like this, it can be seen as being overly promotional.

Interact with others

Being active on Facebook doesn’t just mean sharing content, it means interacting with others. Respond to comments, reply to reviews on Facebook, answer questions.

Add emojis

No joke, using emojis in your Facebook posts can actually increase links, comments, and shares by 30-50%!

Go to followers for advice

Trying to make a decision about a new product or service? Ask your customers for their advice by sharing the question on Facebook.

Make it personal

Yeah, you want your business to feel professional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little personality! Try adding personal thoughts or ideas and even photos of yourself and employees!

Make people laugh

Everyone loves to laugh, sharing a joke or something humorous can increase likes and shares.

Create an exclusive group

Add some of your best customers to an exclusive brand VIP Facebook group. Here you’ll have the chance to try out ideas on them and ask for advice before heading over to your page!

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