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What Does Facebook’s New Mission Statement Mean For Us?

As you may have heard, Facebook reached 2 billion monthly users! Approaching that milestone, Mark Zuckerberg revealed the company’s new mission statement: “Give people the power to build a community and bring the world closer together.” In the past Facebook has been so focused on making the world a more…


Increase Facebook Engagement With These No-Fail Tips

Easiest thing in the world: share a Facebook post that fails. Getting no engagement on a Facebook post, especially the ones we thought would do great, is always a letdown. So how can we consistently increase engagement on our Facebook pages? Take a look at these proven methods to get…


Facebook’s Algorithm Explained and What it Means for You

Over the years Facebook’s algorithm—it’s a process for determining what to show users—has gotten more and more complicated. It’s no longer a matter of posting at the right time. Today we have to take into consideration so much more when we’re trying to reach our audience on Facebook. Just like…


Hashtags Best Practices: Make Social Media Work For You

Hashtags Best Practices: Make Social Media Work For You Oh the hashtag, the simple pound sign (or number sign, whatever you want to call it) that made search and discovery on social media so much easier. While they’re usable on Facebook, they haven’t quite caught on the way most marketers…


How to Gain More Readers on Your Business’s Blog

As an entrepreneur with a website, no matter how big or small your business is, you’ve probably been advised to start a blog. And while a blog can be a valuable asset, it’s not doing you any good if no one is reading it, right? At that point it starts…

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