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What are Facebook Messenger Ads? And How to Use Them

If you’ve ever set up an ad on your Facebook page before you’ve probably noticed that there are so many different ad types. Right? Every ad type depends on your objective, which make things a little more helpful creating your ad. When you choose either the Traffic or Conversions objective,…


Easy Ways Increase Your Reach on Facebook

So you’ve got 4,000 followers on Facebook, but your posts are only reaching 200 people. What the heck is going on?! On average, most pages’ organic reach is only about 2-6% of their number of page likes. So your reach of 200, is actually pretty average. And having a large…

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Win Big with Social Media Contests

So, you are looking to infuse some energy, movement, and interest in your brand online?  What better way to engage your audience than to present them with a contest in which they not only self-advertise your brand, submit creative content and win a prize that they can review for even…

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From Mobile Phones To In-Store Purchases

In this generation, it is impossible to deny the influence and success of mobile-friendly marketing. Businesses everywhere have worked to transform their websites to be more mobile-friendly, while also opting to put more of their marketing budget into online marketing – specifically social media. Social media has made it easier than…

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Make The Most Of Your Facebook Ad Budget

To boost or not to boost? That is the question of every social media marketer. Deciding what posts or campaigns to put your budget into is a risky decision. You only have a set amount of money you can put into your Facebook budget every month and you want to…

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