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Find More Customers with Instagram Lead Ads

Do you run ads on Instagram? With Instagram being owned by Facebook it makes advertising on the platform super-simple if you’re already familiar with Facebook ads. And if you’re not familiar, we’ll walk you through the process! Facebook makes setting up an ad easy with straightforward objectives, from brand awareness…


Get Ready for Some Exciting Changes to Instagram Stories

Since Instagram’s introduction of ads the platform and it’s appeal for advertisers has grown tremendously—and why wouldn’t it?! With 600 million monthly active users, it’s got huge potential for businesses of all sizes! Soon, we’ll have even more ways to connect with Instagrammers and advertise on the platform. How? With…

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Win Big with Social Media Contests

So, you are looking to infuse some energy, movement, and interest in your brand online?  What better way to engage your audience than to present them with a contest in which they not only self-advertise your brand, submit creative content and win a prize that they can review for even…


The 8 Most Important Do’s And Don’ts of Instagram

More people are using Instagram now than ever before! Having an online presence on Instagram is a crucial move for your business because it’s a great platform to showcase your products or services and increase visibility for your brand. The more focus you put into creating a successful Instagram marketing…

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How To: Use Instagram Stories For Your Business

Did you know that Instagram was once the fastest growing social media platform? We say “was once” because, just recently, another platform surfaced after rapidly growing in popularity, stripping Instagram of this title! To give you a hint about who now holds this title, this platform allows its users to share images…

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