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Communication & Content at the Center of Linkedin New Redesign

  Linkedin announced a major redesign of its platform several months ago.  And now we have information on what that new styling will look like.  According to Wired magazine, it looks and feels a lot like Facebook!   The toolbar will be the navigation center for users.  And those 7…

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Win Big with Social Media Contests

So, you are looking to infuse some energy, movement, and interest in your brand online?  What better way to engage your audience than to present them with a contest in which they not only self-advertise your brand, submit creative content and win a prize that they can review for even…

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4 Common LinkedIn Myths

Out of all of the different social media platforms our clients use every day, we have noticed that LinkedIn seems to give business owners occasional headaches. Most commonly, these frustrations are a result of entrepreneurs not quite understanding how to use LinkedIn to sell their products or services. Do you…


Network On LinkedIn

Users that are engaged on LinkedIn not only want to discover and share new information, they want to build relationships and connect with others. Are you active on LinkedIn? With over 400 million members using LinkedIn daily, it has become a powerful way to grow your brand, gain a loyal following, and help…

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How To: Use LinkedIn For Business

As a small business owner, it is crucial that you spend careful time branding and marketing your business so that you can generate sales and build new business relationships. Let LinkedIn do some of that work for you! Most business owners tend to shy away from using LinkedIn – whether…

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