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Twitter Is Changing The Game…Again!

  Twitter has been one of the top social media presences on the internet since its launch in 2006. The people at Twitter are continually searching for new ways to increase their platform and market their online economy. Lately, though, we haven’t seen any astonishing changes. In fact, the most…

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Win Big with Social Media Contests

So, you are looking to infuse some energy, movement, and interest in your brand online?  What better way to engage your audience than to present them with a contest in which they not only self-advertise your brand, submit creative content and win a prize that they can review for even…

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Develop A Successful Twitter Marketing Strategy

Most small business owners make the mistake of assuming that what has been successful in their Facebook marketing strategy will be equally as successful on Twitter. Wrong. Writing tweets is very different from composing Facebook posts. Also, Twitter users do not interact with your business the same way that they do…


Schedule for Success

Creating an effective posting schedule for your social media accounts is one of the most crucial parts of your marketing strategy! The times that you post are just as important as the images you use and the content you create. Your followers are not only following your small business’ page,…


How To: Engage Using Hashtags

Did you know that adding the number sign (#) in front of one word, two words, or a phrase on social media could attract new followers to your account while also growing your brand? This is called a hashtag, which, in the world of social media, is a way to…

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