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Communication & Content at the Center of Linkedin New Redesign

  Linkedin announced a major redesign of its platform several months ago.  And now we have information on what that new styling will look like.  According to Wired magazine, it looks and feels a lot like Facebook!   The toolbar will be the navigation center for users.  And those 7…


Get Ready for Some Exciting Changes to Instagram Stories

Since Instagram’s introduction of ads the platform and it’s appeal for advertisers has grown tremendously—and why wouldn’t it?! With 600 million monthly active users, it’s got huge potential for businesses of all sizes! Soon, we’ll have even more ways to connect with Instagrammers and advertise on the platform. How? With…

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Win Big with Social Media Contests

So, you are looking to infuse some energy, movement, and interest in your brand online?  What better way to engage your audience than to present them with a contest in which they not only self-advertise your brand, submit creative content and win a prize that they can review for even…


Instagram Shoppable Tags: Coming Soon to Smartphones Near You

  Get ready, because Instagram is preparing to make impulse buying even easier with shoppable tags. What are “shoppable tags,” you may ask? Shoppable tags are Instagram’s newest test-feature, similar to Pinterest’s Buyable Pins. With a Shoppable Tag brands are able to tag products in their photos, which users can…


Top Social Media Trends For 2017

What a year for social media marketing! From the start of January 2016, social media has changed dramatically and is still evolving to this day. This is extremely exciting for digital marketers but can be quite scary for business owners. Let’s admit it, we live in a social media world…

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