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Easy Ways Increase Your Reach on Facebook

So you’ve got 4,000 followers on Facebook, but your posts are only reaching 200 people. What the heck is going on?! On average, most pages’ organic reach is only about 2-6% of their number of page likes. So your reach of 200, is actually pretty average. And having a large…


New Pinterest Feature ‘Showcase’ Highlights Pins

  The internet loves visuals and learning to communicate with your audience through them just got a little easier.  Pinterest just released a new feature to its user interface.  This update adds more customization to its platform allowing brands power over the initial appearance of their profile page.  Showcase, allows…

new features

New Social Features To Use In Your Online Marketing

Social media is changing every single day and you should be changing with it. While it is okay to keep some parts of your social media marketing strategy the same, don’t let the fear of something new scare you into staying in your comfort zone. Incorporating new features and platforms…

landing pages

Why Landing Pages Matter

Creating quality content paired with attention-grabbing (and relevant) images is just one key factor to a successful online marketing strategy – but it doesn’t stop there. Your posts – whether they are promoted or not – are the introduction to your brand. We like to think of them as the…


The Top 5 Reasons People Unfollow Brands

In order to know what works, it’s important to first understand what doesn’t. Whether you are completely new to social media or have been using it to help advertise for your business since it became popular years ago, every business can use these tips to either create or revisit and…

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